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New Template: Form Builder Similar to Google Forms

I Made a Template that is similar to Google Forms. This is a very useful starting block for any app that wants to ask its users questions or wants to let the users of their app build forms.
-Fully customizable form builder with the ability to Images and Text as a Reference
-Detailed reporting on Form as a whole and individual responses!
-With a little Mod you can restrict responses to only logged in users or open to every person!
On sale now in the Template Marketplace!
Feel Free to reach out to me if you need help using the Template in your app!


Hi Ryley, am looking for such a form which will have few email addresses at the backend to receive inputs of the form and also creates a backup sheet with results,similar to Google but i need a call recording upload facility where my team can upload call recordings.

Let me know your thoughts,Thanks in advance

Hi, I wanted to look this template up as a reference for a project of mine. I cannot seem to find it anymore though. Does someone have a similar example?

Hello, i am also searching for this template. Where is it? :neutral_face:
Also, does it involve both back-end and front-end ?

@ryley.randall has thhs been taken down?

@Chris_95 Iā€™m working on multi-steps form builder with Bubble.
You can check the demo and see if this answer your request.

Demo: ramsha - simple form builder