New Templates - Virtual Desktop with Drag and Drop, Social Network and WGD Store

Hello fellow Bubblers,

We have just launch 3 new templates in the Bubble Store.

Desktop Files and Folders

Demo -

A virtual desktop on Bubble. Allowing you to drag folders and files.

Features include:

  • Upload Files and Create Folders
  • Drag and Drop Folders
  • Drag and Drop Files
  • File Extension matching
  • Rename Files
  • Rename Folders

My Social


A fully working social network clone.

  • Search by contact
  • Interact with posts, like, comment, upload images
  • Edit Profile
  • Track posts by popularity based on total likes, comments and actions.
  • Mobile Responsive

WGD Store


Customer Product Listings

Admin Page

To access Admin > Login > Demo Admin User

Features include:


  • Landing Page
  • Account Page
  • Admin Page
  • Billing Information
  • Cart
  • Orders
  • Payment Confirmed Page
  • Payment Failed Page
  • Product Details
  • Products Page
  • Login and Signup

Bubble Store Listings

Any questions, queries or require support. Please reach out to [email protected]