[New template] openBuild Supported Template: Startup Directory / List

Hello everybody!

For the last weeks I worked with @vincent56 and @mattmazzega from openBuild to modify one of my templates to be completely openbuild compatible! With openBuild you have access to 300+ styled components that will fit this template perfectly. A component copied from the openBuild library will adjust to this template style automatically!

This template provides a beautiful directory of startups (or whatever you want) that fully functions! No paid plugins were used.

:arrow_right: Check out the template here: https://bubble.io/template/1588281414001x348288773938741250

:exclamation: To celebrate, you can use the code: BUILD20 to get 20% off when you buy this template for a limited time!

See how it works:

An openBuild component will take on the existing style:

Easily switch out openBuild components:

You can learn more about openBuild in this thread:


Wow !!! this is amazing !!!

I’m going to look at it in detail :smiley:

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@Thimo certainly bringing the goods. Well done

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I’m in ! :smiley:

I just signed up in the personal monthly plan :ok_hand:


This looks awesome. On the browser page the filters are not visible after 890px page width and the show filters button is not visible until 800px page width, so for those 90px there is no way to access the filters (not really sure if that matters as there may not be screens with those widths)

@boston85719 Thank you for reporting! I will push a fix ASAP :slight_smile: