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New to - trouble with search and iPad


My app has a search bar linked to a related group. When typing in the search bar, the related group list correctly displays in PC and iphone…but for some reason it does not display in iPad? I’m able to type into the search bar but nothing comes up

Has this happened to anyone? Pls help! Thanks so much

Make sure you are loggedin and that you are in the right session … dev or live

Hi, it’s happening to me too ! A search element that searched users by name (so very simple) it does work on desktop (Chrome, Firefox) but not on iPad (Chrome and Safari). iOS is latest version 14.2. @jolene.barber did you solve the issue ? anybody else experiencing this ? Thanks

I think that still is the same problem.
On the search bar, which is connected to algolia, works well on the desktop, but when I click o on the searched elements it does not work…
type: sukienka
and then click on the element on the list