New to Bubble, need some guidance

So i’m new to bubble and programming in general. I have a semi working app on Appsheets, but want to see what else is possible.

I’d be greatly appreciative if someone can give tell me if what I want to do or what I’ve already done in appsheet is possible on bubble.

  1. I have a Google spreadsheet that has all my data which is gathered from google forms. I’ve already asked this question here and it seems like I’d need a plugin to get that data from sheets into bubble. Which is not ideal, but workable.

  2. All of the data on google sheet pertains to Airport Arrival and Departure info, so ideally i’d need to view that data in a clean format where One Page would be Arrivals only and another Departures and so on. So an ability to sort the data with different views/slices etc.

  3. I’m also looking to create Actions that allow me to call the user arriving or send them a text based on information that is predetermined. for example. In one of the Columsn I have a list of drivers and their information which i send via SMS to the User Arriving. Am I able to generate an action that allows me to activate the SMS app on my Android/iOS phone and populated the text field with concatenated text and cell data from the sheet?

  4. On the similar not, i’d like to have a shortcut link to open a web browser to search for flight status, basically something like this: ( Airline (aa) and flight # (121) would obviously be pulled from the cell on the spreadsheet.

  5. Ideally what I’m looking for is a Card View of each arrving/departin user with the specific info I need and be able to quickly know when the next incoming/departing flight is going to be.

The reason i’m trying out bubble is the flexibility of the UI to make it look like how I want, but I want to know if I can easily achieve the above necessary things in bubble as well.

Thank you for any insight anyone can provide.

Hi Austin, the simple answer to your question is Yes.

You can do all that and much more in Bubble including building out your own Google Sheets integration if you were so inclined.

The how is more complicated.

I know there are many reasons someone may want data in Google Sheets but is there any reason you couldn’t send information from your form directly into your Bubble app and bypass Google sheets entirely?

Hi Eli,

Thank you for your response. The reason I want to stay with google sheets is that the form has already been created. I could i suppose build the form directly into the bubble app, but i have yet to look into it. I’m not sure how complicated it would be, like i said i’m fairly new to programming so I don’t know how much time it would take to build the Form and then on top of it to manipulate that data that I can quickly use for what I need.

I also would need an unmodified record of what was submitted by the user so I can use that as a backup which google form provide.

What did you mean by google sheet integration?

I guess i’ll start looking into tutorials on how to build forms and then display that data. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!!