Have an Excel file, trying to figure out if its possible to recreate in Bubble

Just as the title says, I’m trying to figure out if its possible to recreate my Excel spreadsheet in Bubble to turn it into a SaaS type web/mobile app.

The spreadsheet allows a user to enter data into a group, then select how many pieces of that data they’d like to pull, and it randomly pulls from the group or groups.

Also, would a mobile app save the same information as the web app for each user?

I see there is an RFP page, but I have no idea what the price range would be for an app build on bubble.

Thanks, excited to get started working with bubble!


Great first step to have the information organized in a spreadsheet.

Check if your info is organized in a manner similar to this video:

The above video provides a guidance on how to structure the dB of your app project which many folks say is 50% of the app’s function.

Yes on info being the same for mobile web, web desktop and even mobile native wrapped. Everything will be run by Bubble.

Yes for info per user. Bubble has strong and secure user management functionality.

Pricing is a function of load mostly as features are pretty much the same across all plans. Of course there are expanded features like integration, capacity, storage the higher you go with a plan.

Best of luck with your project. Glad to hear that you are considering Bubble! :+1:

Thank you! I’ll take a look and see what I can do!

Yes and no. There are many plugins out there for tables. Some are better than others. However, many of the use cases in excel can be difficult for Bubble. Example…sorting in Excel is extremely easy. Sorting in Bubble can be difficult depending on what plugin you use.

In any case, you can do far more with Bubble if you are willing to learn alternative methods to accomplish the same goals. Focus on writing out your goals in detail.

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