New Tutorials Site!

Greetings Bubblers! I’m very happy to announce my labor of love–a new tutorials site for Bubble.

Videos include:

  • The Foundation Series: 6 Video’s walking new people through Bubble. And it’s FREE.
  • Using the Reddit API (Free)
  • Morning Coffee App (Premium)

And the long-anticipated:

  • Build a Machine Learning Chat Bot (Premium)

Videos to come in the future include building and app and testing it natively, additional APIs, and more.

Please let me know what you think, likes, dislikes, bugs, and most of all, enjoy!


Awesome! Always good to see more courses and training opportunities for the community.

Two questions:

  1. What is the Morning Coffee App and what will people learn from watching it?
  2. What specific libraries / 3rd parties are you using to build a Machine Learning Chat Bot?
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Good questions. The fact that you have those questions probably means I need to answer them in the site.

The morning coffee app is mostly about being more comfortable in the Bubble API connector, as we use it to connect three API’s into one app (Weather, Quote of the Day, News).

The 3rd parties in the Machine Learning Chat Bot is one third party: Dialogflow which is Google’s chat engine (formerly But we not only connect to Dialogflow, but also make our Bubble app an endpoint so that it can fetch answers from our Bubble app if data is involved.

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I took a look at the free one on groups. I liked your informative yet chatty style and it didn’t come across as being dry which is always hard to do when talking to yourself. I know - I bore myself. Nice work!

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Great to see more Tutorials!

I would like to see a short intro video clip for each course: What you will you cover and what will I be able to do at the end of the course. For example, if I am going to invest $33 I would want to know more about the course content and outcome as well as getting a glimpse of your teaching style for this course.

Udemy do this very well!

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Good point Steven. I’m debating doing a short trailer on the video or just making the first video in a premium series free.

Don’t give away too much. I would just produce a 2 or 3 minute intro video - executive summary. pre-empt some of the questions, like "What do I do if I have a question?/feedback.
" etc. I know its more work, but will save you time in the long run.

I agree with @StevenM - you can say a lot in a 2-3 minute video - would love to see a video like this explaining what the possibilities are with the ai bot, and how (if?) it actually learns - a lot of what I’ve seen so far with bots, is often just a choose your own adventure style user path - not actual artificial intelligence.

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Thanks for some intro. FYI, the enumerated lesson order of the tutorials is currently inverted. And the lesson prior to “databases” is about 6-minutes long, and truncates abruptly. But otherwise, they are very helpful for a first-timer. One thing I wish were added: when you are moving your cursor, and pressing keys and mouse buttons, it would be helpful if you would say what you are doing. We can see your cursor move, but we need to infer how you are activating the various controls.

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Hello Dr.Capsmith
Thanks for your inputs.

Which course did you buy? Coffee App or AI App?
Was it worth the investment for yourself?

I am still considering whether these courses are worth the investment?

I haven’t purchased any of the tutorials. I was using the 6 free lessons provided at foundation learning series. My background is a professor of Information Systems, and I have been a teacher of various programming languages for more than 30 years. One of my former students is trying to form a startup business using Bubble as a demo platform. He got stuck and asked me for help. So, I was just trying to gather enough info about the platform to help my former student understand how to fix his problem. And these videos were sufficient to provide the cues to diagnose and solve the issue.

And as a collateral benefit, I now have another perspective that I can share with my current students. Do you use Bubble for development? Why?

Cheers, Cap

Hello Professor

Thanks for your response.

It is a delight to know that leading professors are also considering Bubble from a development perspective.
It is a huge signal for the market in the future years.

I am still learning the basics of Bubble and came across the course during my search.

Will keep you posted how it goes for me.

Would be great to be in touch with you.

Programming languages and development environments are one of those things that rise to the level of a religious debate among IT/IS professionals. @pier2design’s lesson on databases had me smiling: clearly he understands relational theory, but is trying to explain it without talking about foreign keys and normal forms. I think this platform is probably adequate for 90 percent of business apps, which have one overwhelmingly common relationship: People Buy Stuff.

But I am not sure I would use this tool to design digital dashboards to, for example, provide decision support for manufacturing managers using SAP and HANA. But I would be interested to hear from people who want to try.


That is not a great introduction to bubble data IMO. Bubble does not really implement “foreign keys” like that, and I am not sure it really helps beginners to show how to make it MORE complicated.

A far better way to link to the “name” table is to add a field of type “name”. Then you don’t have to do that search and also have the possibility of duplicate names etc. It will do the table relations for you.


SAP Hana is probably not a good example for comparison. Just saying :slight_smile:

For those of us who don’t know exactly what you mean, will you explain why not?


I tried the free courses offered by

They are good.

Has anyone tried the $ 12 and $ 33 paid courses offered by

Has anyone purchased the Build a Machine Learning Chat Bot (Premium) course by

It seems to be the only machine learning Bubble app.

Any feedback on the course?

To answer some of the questions floating around about the machine learning chat bot, it is an API integration with Google’s Dialog Flow.

I recommend exploring what Dialog Flow can do to get a sense of what is possible.

It’s also a two-way integration, so you also set up your bubble app as an endpoint for Dialog Flow so that the answers to some user queries are fed with data from your app. It’s quite the ordeal but it works!

Hello @pier2design
I’ve purchased your course few months ago but the website is offline now. Did you move the course to a different domain?