New user sign up but link to existing database data


So looking for guidance or direction. What i would like to do is have a personce sign up or create a new user account but when they do its linked to existing data in the system.

  1. new user creates account to login
  2. they need to enter there account number and say zip code (to match that account)
  3. then they can see there account info like there billing, plan etc

Hope i explained this right, but just looking for guidance on creating something like this if its possible.


Well, you’ve pretty much outlined what you need to do right there…

i.e. when the User signs up, match their account number and postcode to the existing data.

Which part are you having trouble with?

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LOL, Thank you. yes i have the idea of what its the How to set it up part i an not sure about or how to build/ start it. looking for examples or how to on it

Store Account Info, etc.

When user signs up,

If there is a match, link the Account Info to the User or the User to the Account information, or both, depending on how you plan to use the data;

If there is no match create an account Info record.

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Thank you, I am new to bubble. so wouild this be a workflow? and what would that look like if so?

Yes it would be a back end workflow which would operate similar to a function. You can look at manual and forum for back end workflows and triggers and actions but you really gotta stop building anything until you can know what that looks like or where to go to determine that as otherwise you are going to be tourtured as you proceed and end up vuilding a dumpster fire.