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New video - Extending Bubble with Node.js

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately building apps with the Bubble/Node/Express stack. Basically, I’m relying on Bubble for frontend + database functionality, but building a Node/Express API for more advanced workflows or services I’d like to run in the background.

I made a video walking through how it works with one my recent apps, hope it’s helpful!


Super cool!

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You run the node.js code on a different host or on bubble?

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Great video - thanks!

It seems he hosts it elsewhere hence the URL of the express endpoint. Can you confirm @brentsum ? I recommend to host JS code (node + express + npm deployed on one click)

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yep! @gaimed I use Heroku mostly but also Glitch, which is really handy when collaborating with others.


Can i ask why don’t you use the native plugin bubble platform to host you code and extend features ?
Granted, in order to bring other devs it might be easier to link by api http calls and have a more traditional JS environment like glitch


I had the same question as

Good question. Mostly comes down to flexibility for the functionality needed. For this product, I needed to use Node to render an image that had no-cache enabled (so it could be embedded and updated in Notion).

Another factor is cost for cron jobs. For this app I need scheduled workflow runs every 24 hrs - $129/month in Bubble, free for Heroku Scheduler or Glitch + Zapier


Just putting my 2 cents in…Pipedream has also been a fantastic platform for extending functionality


i agree with you, @bubble charging that much for a 1/24h CRON seems like a 2005 restriction; seems so easy to change and be levelling up with 2020 where free hosting of code is pretty common.

What’s a chron?

Scheduled regular task

Thanks for sharing this. It was a really interesting watch. My mind is already spinning with ideas. Is there somewhere I can check out your app, Notion? It also piqued my interest based on the video.

Definitely! is the project


This is great! You should create a video series for this ! :star_struck:

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Awesome! Thanks for the updates.