Newb Question On Login / Signup on Starter Template


When I first went to Preview the app I was building I saw LOG IN and SIGN UP buttons at the top of my app, like this:

But when I go back to my own view of the App I’m working on, that header is not visible.
It looks like this:

I can’t get at it in the DESIGN tab or any other that i’m aware of. I can;t see its elements or logic.

My question is: Is this a default header that is separate from my APP and logs one into BUBBLE?

Or is it a header that comes with the template from BUBBLE that I can use / modify on my own app. And if it is…how can I get to it and modify it?

I’d be grateful for any help, thanks very much!

It’s a reusable element, so you can find it and edit it from the same area where the Pages are selected in the editor

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Thanks much Andrew, I found it…thanks…all the elements are kinda hidden away there (to my rookie eyes)…I guess cause it’s a floating group that shows on every page…not just on “index.” Learning bit by bit here…thank for yr help!

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