Header - Reuseable element

When i am applying header (re-useable element) it does show up login and sign up? Any idea how to fix it?

attach screenshot

Thanks for helping out.


Hi Sonya,
welcome to the forum.
I am sorry, I do not understand exactly what you mean; could you please rephrase the question?
Do you want to hide the header if users are logged out?


Hi Julius,

Thanks for quick feedback.

So i am using reusable element (see arrow in attach

) “Header”. This element doesn’t show “Sign up” & “Login” whereas, if you see zeroqode there header comes with Login & Sign up. (see attach)

This is as you have not formatted your header yet and zerocode has formatted their header.

On the top left of bubble, where it says page: index, click and under reusable elements
select your header.

You can format it now: Drag a button on the top right and edit its name to say log in or sign up.
You can also make its background colour empty so it is see through

Also give it workflows

To see how this can be done, see the lesssons from bubble

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