Newbie - questions re bubble ability

Hi everyone,
Not sure if this is the correct channel or not? Pls advise if i should post elsewhere.
I am new to the world of App development (i’m def not a developer at all!).

I have started working on wireframes for an App concept but am honestly not sure if what i have in mind is at all do-able within Bubble, or whether my idea is simply going to be unrealistic from an effort or complexity point of view.

Wondering if anyone could at least give me general guidance of whether my ideas are possible?

I would like the ability for users to be able to -

  • Add / Edit Equipment items (including numerous additional fields or flags)
  • Add / Edit Food items (including nutritional details such as protein / fat / carbs / weight etc)
  • Assign selected Equip / Food to an event

Just want to be sure before i start investing time and energy into the bubble application!

Thanks in advance, K

That sounds about as simple and basic as it gets, in terms of data and functionality - so Bubble can certainly be used for that.

Is there any particular aspect of what you’re planning to build that you’re concerned about?

hi Adam,

Thanks so much for your response. TBH, this is all very new to me. Whilst i work in the IT space as a Delivery Lead, i am far from the dev side of the activities!

I had built out a google workbook that i was going to output as a template offering for people to buy, then thought i should look to build an app instead! Really had no idea what i was opening the door to but i’m feeling the app is the right option as an MVP approach but cannot afford some of the money i have seen floating around to get others to build it for me. Thought i would give it a go myself but now trying to work out where i actually start!

Am focusing on completing my wireframes ATM so i am clear on the approach.


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