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No blank option in drop downs

Before you could choose the option to not show a blank option (other than the place holder) in a drop down menu, but now that doesn´t seem to be possible. Neither in a static or dynamic drop down.
And once you´ve clicked the drop down I can´t click the place holder “option” any longer.
That would be the most esthetic apealing way to view the options in the drop down, without choosing any of them.
I have some drop downs where I´de like to not have any blank lines. For instance when searching for a sport event and you want to have a look at what options of sports you have to filter the search with, but then decides to not chose any of the options and just search all events.

As for now you then have to pick the blank line and the place holder “SPORT” is gone.
I´de like the user to then click “SPORT” (or just leave the drop down) and then stil have the place holder visible. No blank option.

Am I missing something or is this not possible?

Yes, we removed that option as that was being redundant with “the input should not be empty”. If you uncheck that box, there will be an empty option in dynamic mode (in static mode you can add an empty line).

The thing is I don´t want an empty line. And it seems like I have to check the “the input should not be empty” box even for the static dropdown to not have an empty line.
But when I check that box I can´t do the search workflow because the static drop down “should not be empty”.

I´ve tried to work around this with conditions but can´t sort it out.

The dynamic drop down is ok for now, but the static is either left with a blank line or stops the search workflow because of the “should not be empty”. I want neither of it.