"no-code" hackathon using bubble - online with Hackathon.com

Hello Bubblers,
I am Zach with Hackathon .com. We have just launched an online hackathon focused around bubble .io that is coming up on September 28-29.
We would love for you, both beginners and those experienced with bubble, to participate. This is free to join and will include our online mentoring over the weekend, and access to our video training on the basics of bubble.

Here is the website for the event: http://bit.ly/bubble_io

Let me know if you have questions about the event!

Zach + Hackathon .com


Looks great. I might join. As an expert you might want to fix some responsiveness issues Zach.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into fixing this now. I hope you can join the hack!

Nice! :slight_smile:

Would have been cool to have seen the Masterclass page built on Bubble.

Good point :laughing:
As someone trying to learn bubble as well, maybe that will be my own project for the hackathon lol.

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What is the reward? :smiley:

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Awesome id love to join this

Hi all! I’ll be the Bubble “expert” on hand during the event to help those who are new to Bubble in learning the ropes. Would love for as many people as possible to participate and highly encourage you inviting others who are new to Bubble to use this opportunity to dive into it :slight_smile:

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Is the idea to build something from scratch, or could one participate with a project on which one is already working?

This is a learning hackathon and is geared towards less experienced and new users, so the reward will be an extended mentoring session with the mentor @eric3.
This is the first hackathon in this format, and hope to do more every few months, and we hope to include other prizes and awards in the future.

Both. Ideally from scratch, starting at the very beginning of the weekend but encourage people that are having trouble finishing a project attend and get some help from the team and mentors.

This hackathon is mostly geared toward new/ beginner users and getting people excited about building no code apps on their own.

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A bit over a week away from the online hackathon on September 28-29. Sign up today and watch the free bubble videos with @eric3 before the event to prep :slight_smile: http://bit.ly/bubble_io

So? How did it go? I’ve been following this with great interest, but didn’t see any announcements or results :frowning: The masterclass hackathon page SEO ranks pretty high, but the page still says “register now”… I would love to know how you guys made out!