No EasyTimer plugin?! Who can do it justice?

Hello Bubblers,

Before I embark on attempting to build this plugin myself, does anyone who is experienced want to do it justice? I feel this is a good community one. Having a time elapsed output as well as other stopwatch elements has proven difficult to achieve for a small personal project I am working on currently. There is but appears a little buggy on saving laps to things and doesn’t actually output the live time! I tried the Zeroquode one but it lacks a few features also.

I assumed incorrectly that a stopwatch type element would be somewhat native to bubble, which is reliable. I managed to get the timer to start and update a text element but trying to trigger the other functions with JS (using toolbox) throws errors like undefined variables and so on. Im not JS savvy, I know its code and it runs when you get it right. Thats about it.

Being able to output the timer to elements, trigger the stopwatch, access the data with workflows is the plugin I envision.

Hey Dan,

As the author of the Stopwatch plugin you linked to, I can let you know that I haven’t worked on it for a couple of years. That plugin was made in order to check how long different workflows took, as we were figuring out how to debug some performance bugs we were seeing, so it wasn’t optimized for the UX or to display data on the page, but to most accurately track how long different actions take to be executed.

Best of luck on the new plugin if you decide to make that! :slight_smile:

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I did see that from the forum that this was the use case.

Im just doing the usual hair tearing at how simple yet unobtainable this is. I gave the easytimer a crack again but im just not well versed enough.


I can start the timer fine with:

var timer = new Timer();
timer.addEventListener('secondsUpdated', function (e) {

(Loaded easytimer.js into html head)

Using the same toolbox plugin that i used to run that above JS, I try to simply pause or stop timer on another workflow but its having none of it. I get “timer” not defined yet the timer is declared and running or “cannot read property” or something (have tried lots of random snippets to try and get lucky!). Im probably missing something fundamental but I’ve spent 4 hours on this and JS is becoming a nemesis.

As a result, I doubt il be making a plugin any time soon. :joy:

Who knew outputting time elapsed would bring me this much pain… (Its for a workout app so just need to be able to display a stopwatch, get lap times to store on to thing and reset it!)

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Hey Dan, I could take a look at this in a week or two if you’d still be interested. I’m sure many other people have wanted to use the same sort of plugin.

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