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@vlad @stephanie at Airdev, this is a question for you. I am trying to use your Stopwatch plugin and i am sort of stumped. It seems so easy but i can’t figure out what i am missing. Can you take a look or possible give me an editor to look out how the functionality of a timer is set up.

I opened up a simple app for anyone to view. Can you let me know what i am missing. Just trying to create a simple timer.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Start Time & End Time …

Should that be today’s date time instead?

Ok, i think that helped a little bit. Now how do i get it to display correctly. I want it to show it counting instead of each time i click the end button. Any ideas?

Also, i in past posts there used to be a “repeat every x seconds” workflow. Now there is only one that say “repeat every 5 seconds” so I am no sure this is possible.

The repeat every 5 seconds can be modified to include any number value.

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What?!? Game changer! I will take a look.
I can’t believe I never noticed this before!



son seems u need thicker glasses… :sunglasses::grimacing::ghost: