No element tree sub-elements in Responsive view

Here’s a GIF:


So while I can view children elements of “Section Projects” in UI Builder view, there seems to be no way to make them visible, or even locate them, in the Responsive view.

It used to work fine until recently and I can’t seem to understand when it broke.

Would be grateful for any help. I really need this, as my app depends on responsiveness a lot. Thank you!

This topic seems to explain the fix: You need to actually set the element o invisible on page load, then it shows up in “Hidden elements” in the Responsive view. Why this logic exists is beyond my comprehension. Could someone explain?

Also, you can search for the elements on the top box.

CleanShot 2021-05-05 at 13.53.53

This doesn’t help. While the gray box (to edit responsive settings) does occasionally show up, neither the element itself nor its item in the elements tree do. This looks a lot like a bug tbh.


The way it works (do not ask me why or whether it makes sense …) … is that you should set the elements as visible in the editor so that they can be seen in the responsive view.

For responsiveness edition I normally name the elements I want to “reveal” in the responsiveness editor with names like “aaa” or “zzz” so that I can find them fast with the responsiveness search box. Of course, having made them visible first for the purpose of configuring their response settings. :grinning:

Yeah, but the bug was that even after I “found” them by typing in the name they didn’t appear in the list to the left. Anyway, the bug has been since gone ¯_(ツ)_/¯