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In responsive editor, searching for element and selecting it should make it visible

Right now, even after I’ve selected it, I still have to drill down through the whole side menu to find it.

P.S. Does the Bubble team look at the idea section? I almost never get a response. It would be nice to know that the time I spend offering improvement ideas isn’t entirely wasted. Is there a better place to make these types of suggestions? Thanks!


+1 for having the search in responsive view highlight and select the element in the responsive editor, whether top level or nested within another hidden container.

To expand a bit, the Responsive elements tree only shows top-level “Hidden elements” by default. So, if you have a hidden element inside of a hidden element, the hidden element only shows in the elements tree once the parent element is selected. It would be nice if Bubble showed a tree.


Agreed, I also wish there was a tree exactly like in UI Builder mode. I was going to suggest that, too, but I figured there must be a reason they think the current approach is better.

In fact, I wish UI Builder mode and Responsive mode were combined into one. It’s weird how some options are only available in each mode. For example, when I’m working in UI Builder mode, I usually know the alignment I want to have for each element. It’s time consuming to go over to responsive mode, drill down to find the element, and set the alignment there.

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Doubly concur! :slight_smile:

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On top of the above, when viewing an element’s settings in the UI Builder, there should be a button “View in Responsive mode” that takes you right to the element in responsive mode.

Or, just the option to edit the responsive options in the editor itself. That would be nice. No need to waste time in the responsive editor if you know what you are doing already.

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WHEN is somebody finally fixing this mess? I cannot change some of the responsive settings because groups are just not showing up in the responsive editor when I select them. Nothing happens. The responsive editor is just a big headache to work with. Clicking the “Watch Tutorial” button shows a tutorial from 2017 or something. There are many posts from 2019, 2020 and so on pointing these things out and still nothings happens???