SOLVED: Can't view invisible element in responsive mode

In responsive mode, when I toggle the invisible element on, it just flickers on for a fraction of a second and then disappears.

You can see the issue here:

Any thoughts?

You have to make it visible when editing it in responsive mode. When done, set its visibility back to what it should be.

Thanks, but there’s actually a toggle in responsive mode to make invisible elements visible, just like there is in builder mode, but it’s not working in responsive mode.

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Has anyone come across this issue?

I’ve been having the issue as well. Things will flicker real quick, but go back to being invisible.

If we can have a clear debugging case that’d be very helpful here.

It’s in my original post up above.

Bump :slight_smile:

There are 2 ways to hide an element. One is in the responsive editor. The other is in the element’s own menu. If you don’t see the element in the responsive view, it’s most likely because you didn’t make it visible in the element’s menu.

When using the responsive editor’s “hide when” feature, the element you’re hiding should always be set to “visible on page load” in the element’s menu.

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So just to confirm, is it the intended behavior that there’s no way for me to see invisible elements in responsive mode? Here’s a quick video showing what I mean, just to make sure we’re all on the same page:

We just pushed a fix.

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Works! Thanks!


Im having problem editing alerts on responsive mode…they are not visible!! Any help?