No "email confirmed" field

I have my Bubble app set up so that it sends a confirmation email out when users first sign up. I did this through checking the box on “confirm this email by sending an email” in the “sign the user up” action. From what I’m reading on forums, it seems like this is supposed to create an “email confirmed” field in what I assume would be the User data type, but I’m not finding any such field anywhere. How do I store information that I can access on whether an email has been confirmed or not?

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You won’t see that field but this will work…


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Ah thank you! So when a user clicks the link to the email, Bubble internally marks them as confirmed? Anything I need to do?

Also, how would I later access this information to see which users have/have not confirmed their email?

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Yep you got it, that’s it so nothing more to do.
You could display a repeating group, have data source set to all users and set a condition to show only confirmed users (or not confirmed)

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One thing to consider is that Bubble uses SendGrid for internal confirmation emails, and often Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Live email systems block SendGrid emails. Thus, some of your users may never receive the confirmation link. You can easily test this by trying to sign up with a Yahoo, Hotmail, or email.

One thing you can do is generate a random code and send the random code by email using PostMark, SendinBlue, or some other email service/plugin/API through a Bubble workflow. You can search the forum for code email confirmation to see how to do this. Now what this also lets you do is create a new field (“email code confirmed” yes/no) or something similar, and you can now access that from the DB instead of using the native Bubble conditional for checking email confirmation.

Ignore everything I said if it’s not applicable to your use scenario or too complicated for what you are trying to do :slight_smile:


let me see if I understood, Bubble uses send grid to send email with its native action (“send email…”) and this service is often blocked by outlook, yahoo, etc?
what service do you recommend instead???

I’ve been happy with Postmark.

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I am running into this issue too, but I don’t see the field anywhere. I get that it may not show up under the data types tab, but I expected it to show up in places where I need to use it:


It should be searchable in the User Type:

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Ah, I’m confused now because I added a field to the user called “user type” which is an array of strings.

Did I overwrite a hidden default field? To test, I renamed it to user type 2:

and now I see that all the places where I was using it have been updated

And now that I’ve renamed it, Current User has user type2 but not user type.

So I’m still a little lost on how to get the user type out of the user, unless it’s the one which I add manually?

Hmm, I’m not sure that you can access the Bubble email confirmed field in privacy rules. I personally have my own isVerified boolean field in my user type. I recommend doing that and building your own verification system.

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How do you do your own boolean like that? Do you grab that data on the post-confirmation landing page load and then save it to the boolean?

Wow why is this happening? Why are confirmation emails to Outlook not delivered? damn…

Also, I think Bubble’s support should actively monitor these threads and provide answers lol… they are not responding to emails as well.

For this specific issue, they should provide a simple workflow to log users in only when email has been confirmed.

Hi there @crebspark,

This could be because you are using Sendgrid, try using another email API like Postmark

Oh okay so Bubble’s default is SendGrid? Can I use MailBluster?