No schedule workflows visibile in logs

I can´t see any sheduled workflows anymore. I do see that IDs will be still given and the workflows seems to work, but the “scheduler” (under logs) is just empty.

Tried everything but I have no idea. Help would be great!


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I checked my apps and scheduled workflows are showing.
Sorry to ask the obvious…

Are you looking for WFs in the right environment? The screenshot is from your testing environment, not your live.
Did you click on ‘show’?

Thanks for your reply.

Checked and tested for both live and testing even with a new workflow. It just doesn´t show up.
Clicked on show, yes.


Might be worth filing a bug report then if the problem persists.

I have just noticed that my scheduled workflows have also completely vanished!!!

Hopefully this is just a visual thing because these are really important workflows that do things such as dealing with sensitive financial matters.

Have submitted a bug report but at least it seems I am not the only one who has been affected in the last 24 hours by this.

Bubble is such a joy, but man these little crazies are happening way too frequently for my liking.