No such payment method Stripe Payment intent not working


I’m struggling with Stripe payment intent creation. After following all required steps using Stripe Js2, I get the error below even though in the DB I have a payement ID:

{“error”:{“code”:“resource_missing”,“doc_url”:“",“message”:"No such PaymentMethod: ‘pm_1LQrskwsxiA73bvu5WAEn7ZB’; OAuth key or Stripe-Account header was used but API request was provided with a platform-owned payment method ID. Please ensure that the provided payment method matches the specified account.”,“param”:“payment_method”,“type”:“invalid_request_error”}}

My current workflow:
Create customer ID if not existent, create a payment method with stripe element, when PM creation successful, save cus ID to user, save PM ID to DB, update customer (using cus ID and PM ID). All of this looks good.

Then I create a Payment Intent by grabbing the cus ID and PM ID from the DB. This is the step that is not working and is not giving the PI ID.

I’ve been struggling for the last 4 days

Without taking a deep look inside your app at your API calls, workflows, and server logs, I doubt anyone will be able to offer much specific help here in the forum with the limited information you’ve provided … (perhaps some screenshots, or a read-only access link to your editor would change that)…

But the error message is telling you what’s wrong…

i.e. The Payment Method you’re using in the call is for the platform, but the API request was for a connected account

So start by checking your API calls (or plugin settings) to make sure they’re set up correctly, and feel free to share some screenshots or more info in here if you still can’t get things working.


Here are the screenshots. I am showing all steps related to stripe, the rest is related to the DB which is mainly saving some of the values.

Were you able to get it to work? I’m having the same issue and I don’t know why I’m getting this error message even though I am creating the PM and customer on the connect account