Do not buy Copilot courses for Stripe.js2

I just bought a course from Copilot for Stripe payments 2 and I keep on getting errors with simple tasks such as PaymentIntents creation.
One example is:
On page load, I create a new customer ID then save it in a state, then do the same for a PaymentIntent and save the Client Secret in another state. When I inspect the page on load, the Client Secret state is empty, even though I followed the steps in the course in details.
Any ideas?

It’s bit hard to help without knowing what exactly you’re doing…

Maybe some screenshots of your workflows would be helpful…

But first I’d check in the debugger so you can see for yourself what’s going on and where you’re going wrong.

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@adamhholmes thanks a lot for your reply.
Here’s the error I get:
"No such PaymentMethod: ‘’; OAuth key or Stripe-Account header was used but API request was provided with a platform-owned payment method ID. Please ensure that the provided payment method matches the specified account.

What I’m trying to do is:
1- On checkout, customer enters CC info and a PM is created and saved in the database along with their Customer ID.

2- After a certain event (when seller confirms that the item is in stock by click a button), a PI is created and confirmed, using the saved PM and Customer ID. In this PI, I am also indication the Seller ID of the current user (seller) who clicked on the button to confirm the item in the inventory, and I am not capturing the amount at this point, I only want to authorize it.

3- When the customer receives the goods and confirms that all is well with the delivery (through a button), I want to be able to capture the authorized payment.

However the error mentioned in the beginning comes at step 2 where PI is not being created, and nothing shows up in Stripe dashboard…

Any ideas?

Same issue here, after following the Copilot course.
Can anybody help?
I just can’t create the payment intent

Not sure about your specific issue but I completely agree. The courses are a waste of money. Poor form from the company to be selling them at the listed price. Totally unhappy after buying two courses.

It’s really tough to keep up with changes when you create courses—especially for Stripe, they are pushing updates quite frequently when they find vulnerabilities.

I purchased the course a while back, and it worked fine, so things must be outdated. I’d recommend contacting @copilot directly, they’re quite responsive.

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thanks! I’ll try to contact them

Thanks for the shout-out @mac2!

If there’s any significant changes to the Stripe API or Stripe.js plugin that affect the course, we make note of it directly in the course notes. Every major milestone update from Stripe prompts us to produce all new material for the community as well.

We’re happy to address bug reports when they’re properly submitted to us. :slight_smile:

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