Trouble Creating Payment Method via Stripe.js

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I have used Create payment method with StripeElement before and was able to get it working while watching a tutorial, but I do not know why it is not working now. Bubble does not show me an error message. Even the logs within Stripe does not show me any error or any indication that a transaction went through, so I have no idea what is happening.

Here’s what I have in the editor for creating payment mehtod:

Here’s what the debugger tells me when the app arrives that this action in workflow:

Then it would just end up here:

Any ideas or suggestions on where to look for clues?

PS. Also, I can’t seem to find out anywhere, but is it true that Stripe doesn’t need an address or phone number to work?

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I don’t use plugins for stripe because I work directly with the api, but it looks like you are creating a payment method, which is an action that will not charge the customer by itself. You need to use the payment method in a payment intent to collect a payment.

I’m not a very experienced SW coder (I’ve worked more with SQL/R/Python as a data scientist), so building this app is very new to me.

Is it better to work directly with API vs. plugins when it comes to setting up payments? Pros and cons?

Also, are you saying you are doing this via API Connector?

If you are ok using the checkout page hosted by stripe (you can now use your own domain for that) using the API connector gives you 100% flexibility with Stripe because you can use every option of the API.
The Stripe documentation and API reference is one of the best you can find.
You need a plugin only if you want to use Stripe Elements because you need code on the page, but you can still use the API connector for everything else.

Last December when started to implement Stripe in our app, decided to use Stripe.js as it’s more user-friendly compared to custom APIs.
Unfortunately, it gives us many consistent bugs.
Bought their tutorials, didn’t help.

So replaced everything with API connectors and custom APIs.

Hmm… Then I guess I’d better try it with API Connector since I also have a complicated pricing structure. But I’ve never used it before. I’ll start with Bubble API tutorial, but do you recommend any other resources besides Stripe’s API doc?


Stripe docs and Stripe api reference.
That’s the primary source and it’s extremely well made.

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