No translation available yet for text USER_TEXTS-cmOKg in english

Hi, I got a general warning and I’m just wondering if anyone could let me know what this issue means and what to do about it?

The general warning is “No translation available yet for text USER_TEXTS-cmOKg in English” and APP Text shows (no translation).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @yoota2b ,

I suppose it could be because the App text you defined, was deleted. Perhaps you could check for the same.


Hi @nocodelib

Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, I did not delete an individual App-text.

In fact all App-texts show (no-translation).

I tried creating a new App-text and adding it, but it shows (no-translation) as well.

Also make sure within the language tab, that for each App text, there is some translation available for the respective language.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @nocodelib

I checked the language tab again and discovered that I had inadvertently switched the attribute for language field, so I switched back to the correct attribute for the Option sets and the error was resolved!

Thanks again!

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