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No visual feedback when clicking a checkbox in the Attributes window

When I for example click “This input should not be empty” I do not get a check in the box. However, my field becomes mandatory.

I’m running on a Macbook Pro Retina with OS X 10.11.6 and Safari.

This problem seems to be general - checkboxes don’t get checked on click in Bubble UI on several places.

Can you share a link to the editor? Or record a video or something showing this happen? I’ve not heard of this issue before, but tough to debug on this amount of info.

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I opened another app I found on the Bubble web and it had all missing icon buttons (bins to delete fields, checkbox checks etc). My app, in another tab still didn’t.

But I continued to fiddle around with my app and suddenly it just had all the missing visuals!

And it still did this morning. Until I refreshed the page and they where gone. I then logged out and restarted the browser, logged in and they were back! Reloaded the page and they were still there.

What do you need from me to debug this?

A link to the editor probably isn’t going to help, as it sounds like an issue on your browser. Can you check your app on another computer or browser to see if it happens there, too?