No way to unregister/detach a Stripe Connect seller account and detaching manually isn't honored by Bubble!

With the Bubble Stripe v3 plugin, there’s no way to unregister/detach a Stripe Connect seller account from your platform account! And if you do detach it yourself, out-of-band, (via manual API call, see below for sample curl call), this change isn’t honored/reflected by Bubble in “Current User’s Stripe Seller account’s Id”. (Unlike customers: – change a customer’s default card on the Stripe dashboard and it’s instantly reflected in “Current User’s Stripe Credit card last 4”.)

This is a major issue for a marketplace that needs to disconnect Seller accounts; and every marketplace if the Seller’s Connect account somehow becomes inaccessible. Note also the complications that this raises, since the best (only?) way to determine if a user has completed the Stripe Connect onboarding is by checking if “Current User’s Stripe Seller account’s Id” is empty.

Is there a way to manually remove the Seller info associated with a given User? I don’t believe that there’s a way to do this via a webhook either.

curl call for manually detaching the Connected account:

curl Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard -u sk_test_…-d client_id=“ca_…” -d stripe_user_id=acct_…


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@tj-bubble ping, since you seem to be the lead on the Stripe v3 efforts. TIA.


I’m not sure a stripe seller ID should be removed from your database, when disconnected / no more active. This information may be important for the marketplace, for tracking purpose, accounting, warranty, and so on.

Instead of trying to remove this stripe ID, I would use users profiles instead, buyers a’d sellers. When a user is a seller, you set his profile to “seller”, and when a seller is no more a seller, you set his profile back to “buyer”. This way, you always know who are your active buyers.

That’s just my 2 cents!

Seller/Connect account ID can be preserved in a log or other place. It cannot continue to live/behave in where it is now for the reasons I explained. Thanks.

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