Stripe - Register the user as a seller

Hi, I am making a marketplace.

  • I use the Stripe plugin from Bubble.
  • I want to register user as a seller, after stripe connect init’, user come back to my return url we can read the following url : website/credit_card_test?debug_mode=true&scope=read_write&code=ac_OtBuWJr26XHVadgyD2FP5OmClL59RRY0&

Stripe connect user account doesn’t appear in my accounts, (maybe because it’s not an express account ?)

  • Register user as a seller works perfectly with any other api calls or plugins…
  • Stripe Plugin Data (read only) - show seller account id is empty …

It sounds plugin doesn’t write seller ID to database. And this field cannot being edited.

  1. Plugin should allow to edit it for more flexibility
  2. Plugin should allow to choose account type

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