Register the user as a seller - save info

I am using the vanilla Stripe plugin by bubble and trying to use the ‘Register the user as a seller’ functionality. I have gotten it to redirect to the ‘’ page and then back to my site. And I can see that accounts are created on stripe. But I need to save that account info to the bubble app.

How do I do that? Am I better off writing the logic myself?

What account info are you trying to save on your bubble app?

When I used Stripe for seller accounts, the only thing really necessary to save is the Stripe ID.

I’m trying to make a subscription in the name of the seller account:

So I think I need the CONNECTED_STRIPE_ACCOUNT_ID, is that the same as the Stripe ID? If so how do you get that info using the register the user as a seller call?

Thanks a ton I really appreciate the help!

I’d recommend using Stripe.js by copilot (I believe).

I’m not sure how it’s done with your plugin, but if it works the same way, when you create a Stripe seller account the returned value is the Stripe id.

You’re next workflow would then be saving the ID:

Hope that helps!

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