NoCode Databases | Copy and Paste Popular Databases Schemas into your Bubble Application

Hello my fellow Bubble community members :heart:

I’d like to share a special launch announcement with you all today.

My latest project, which is a collaboration with @colin-bubble, is now LIVE. It’s called NoCode Databases.

As I’m sure you already know, building your databases in Bubble is hard and is one of the main reasons why your Bubble apps don’t scale.

NoCode Databases solves this problem by providing you with a library of databases that you can easily paste into your Bubble application via our chrome extension.

NoCode Databases launches with 25+ database schemas available for you (free and premium user) to access immediately.

In addition to our library of databases, you can save and upload your own database schema for private or public use.

To get started, please visit

Some of our Database Schemas (full builds and building blocks):

Comments (with replies)
Task Manager Application (full build)
Stripe charges with coupon
NFT Marketplace

And much more!!!

We hope this will make it easier for Nocode devs to learn Bubble, build more complex apps, and learn best practices for building scalable database structures along the way!

To get started with NoCode Databases, download the chrome extension, and then open your Bubble editor.

Within your editor, you’ll see the NoCode Databases logo on the left-hand side (under logs).

Click on our logo to launch to chrome extension NoCode Databases.

As with any beta, please let us know if you run into any troubles along the way.

Furthermore, our library will continue to grow over time. Our intention is to grow this library of databases to over 100 schemas within the next 3 months.

Otherwise, we hope you :heart: it


Chrome Extension Link:


How to copy and paste DBs:

How to add your own DBs:

Twitter announcement:


Cool. Love the ideas.

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Thank you!!