Trying Bubble for first time as a Techie

With my previous startups, I have gone through the native development approach to build products from the scratch.
I came to know about No Code Builder Community and Bubble via Podcast. I do have another SaaS product that we are launching MVP. I am willing to try this approach. No doubt this will allow me to build fast.

I have designs locked in and all ready. Can you guys suggest me the best way/guide to start building the first version? My goal is to finish this within this weekend.

I have setup the account and ready to go.


I’d suggest building your app in this workflow (but again just my opinion):

  1. Build your Database Structure
  2. Build your UI
  3. Build your logic (workflows)
  4. Work on responsiveness
  5. Work on data privacy


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Hi Tal,
Thank you. I will look into this approach.


I’d say do 1-3 at the same time. Bubble is different than custom code in that its limitations force you to use specific database structures to support/enable certain user-interface implementations.

Also, you’ll want a flatter DB than with custom code. Fewer/no nested tables. DRY doesn’t exist in the same way with Bubble either - it’s just not possible to be DRY at times.

Your technical background will help you in many ways, but the same rules for custom code don’t always apply to Bubble so just be cognizant of that.

Would love to hear your feedback after 1st project. Will be interesting.


This is excellent advice but I would move the data privacy step between 1 & 2. Setting this up on the backside can cause some major headaches when searches and workflows suddenly stop working. Setting up privacy rules before the logic lets you catch these issues during the process.

Thank you for the inputs. Will keep you posted.

I do have the Design flow ready to build. I assume Bubble will allow me to customize design accordingly. Right?
Also, would there be a possibility to enhance the code in the future? My SaaS product is purely Lead Gen product that I am building on Bubble. I do have an internal tool that as built on Python that I am planning to cross sell in this SaaS product.

Would Bubble support these enhancements?

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