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NodeJS Function

I’ve never worked with NodeJS before and am trying to connect Bubble to the chatbot API which uses a NodeJS function to send/receive data to/from the bot.

Is this possible to do via the api connector? Don’t want to spend a ton of time finding out it’s not.

Not sure that is how it will work.

The AWS hosted Node.js function would call a bubble API, and return some data.

Or at least that looks like how it would work.

Ok, so it is very possible to call the Node.js function inside of and pass data to/from, with the bubble api connector?

The node function is hosted on Amazon Lambda, so if it is exposed via an API then that is possible.

Not sure what that would achieve though … what are you looking to do ?

I’d like to integrate chatbot with Bubble some how and aparantly the way I can pass data to/from from Bubble is by way of a “Node.js” function.

This would allow the bot, hosted in, to call out to Bubble to search for Things (ex. available apartments using checkin checkout date) and provide a response to the user automated by the bot.

Do I need to have a specific node function written by a developer that works and calls out to the bubble api?

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Also interested in this.

I think it would be possible to do it without a developer. As long as it is just passing stuff to bubble.


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