Non of my users can log in with with a live deployment[Urgent]

So I just pushed my app live and none of the users i created while under development mode work now,. They all get this message.

Sorry, we could not find a user with email

Do I have to do something else so that they can log in?

Did you copy the database from development to live?

Users created in your dev app will be saved in your ‘dev database’, so wont exist in the ‘live database’, and vice versa.

If you want to use the same users in your live app that you created in your dev app you’ll need to copy your dev database to your live database.

I did not. How do I do that?

Go to the Data tab, select the “App data” tab within that, and then click “Copy and restore database” top right. That provides instructions on moving data from development to live, or vice versa.

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