Deployment problem: not finding user with credentials

Arrgh. I’m trying—for the first time—to deploy this app I’ve been working on. The url works to take me to my index page, but when I try to login I get “can’t find user with these credentials”.

Is there a difference between development users and live users?

I need to show this to a customer tomorrow!!

What am I doing wrong? I’m not a developer!

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edit: none of my data is visible in the live database

Yes there is a difference between the Development and Live databases.

Once you deploy to live all of the data including the users you added while building are moved to the development database, and a new fresh database is created for the live app.

You can view the live database by clicking “Switch to Live Database”

Ok, but my development database has a sh*t ton of stuff in it. How do I migrate this data over to the live version??

To clarify @acaudill’s reply a bit, data is not moved to the development database when you deploy to live. You simply have two separate databases… one for development and one for live… and when you deploy to live, data from the development database is not copied into the live database. If you want to copy the data from development to live (which is an operation you should be very careful with, of course), click the red Copy and restore database link on the App data tab, and you will see options to copy data between the databases.

Ok thank you. Conspicuously absent is any option to backup my database in case something goes wrong! What happens if I screw something up? I’ve spent an enormous amount of time getting this data in.

Your database is automatically backed up, and when you click the red link, it tells you how far you can go back based on your plan.

Thank you, sir.

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