Not 100% sure this is a bug, So just doing as stated and posting here first. *See the last comment (9)*

Hello there,

I was just wondering if anybody could explain why my pop up keeps getting ruined everytime I add text into a group within it?

First off, the label logo and social icons are a group themselves, then I have added a second group below that to use for the label description/info but with the text added everything goes completely messed up.

I’ve been here for 4, yes 4 hours! and I’m just getting more annoyed than actually making any progress.

The images added explain and show what I’m doing and also, what is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I completely loose my mind :joy::man_facepalming:t3:.

Many thanks,


And also, why does it appear differently on the test version than in the live version?

See images attached below…

Try also grouping the four social icons as their own group. I’ve had similar behaviors and that worked for me. Why? I have no idea. LOL.

I’ve tried that, but to no prevail. I’ve just found out that it is completely messed up if I access it on my mobile or tablet, the pop up opens however it likes and is usually a different layout every time.

Strangely, if I make it messed up in the editor then it’s fine on the pc version of my site, but as soon at it turns responsive it’s all over the place again. So I think I’m going to pass on using the pop up as it appears to be rather useless, no matter what I do it just doesn’t work properly.

Do you know if it would be possible to do what I’m trying to do using a separate page, sending the data to that, which would be a different item on said page, depending what label the user clicks on?

Thanks for your reply also,


Not to worry,

It does work like that, although a pop up makes more sense for ease of use. For now I will do as I said and just scrap that idea, until bubble manage to sort it out, or someone comes up with a solution.

Should I also report my experience into the bugs section, it’s not quite a bug per say though.



Hey @BassLab - from your post, it seems like you’re trying to achieve positioning of things from the UI Builder tab. Rather, you want to drive this from the Responsive tab

If your page/popup setup is not fixed width, the Responsive tab should be enabled. From there, you can select elements for their relative positioning (left, right, center) and sizing (minimum widths, maximum widths, etc).

  • uikit%20-%20Bubble%20Editor

I looked at it that way as well, however it doesn’t work for pop ups, you can’t get them to show in the responsive editor. So I am unable to change the position of anything inside it, or even itself for that matter.

I’ve given up using a pop up as it just simply doesn’t work.

Thank you for your repose though,


You’re almost there, keep at it.

Popups still show up in the Responsive editor. (Not automatically, but under the “Hidden Elements” submenu.

If your popup is nested inside of a reusable element (ie. you created the popup within the header then you’re looking at the responsive editor from a page within your app and not the header), that would explain why it isn’t showing up.

I have used the hidden section to try and see the pop up in the responsive editor but it doesn’t show up, I’ll post a pic so you see what I mean.

Also it’s not a pop up within the header, it’s a pop up placed onto a page, and viewing that page in the responsive editor is what I’m doing, but when I click on the hidden element for the pop up it doesn’t show.

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