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Bug on pop up and new responsive engine

Hi there, i’m posting here because i talked with bubble’s FB community and it seems the issue is a bug.
Here is the original message and photo attached, thanks : “I have a dashboard built with the new responsive engine in which i have a RG group that works well. However, to edit content i have a pop up that displays the content - When i open the pop up, (this one has an important height, with many information), i can’t scroll down, the pop up is stuck … ;( am i missing something ? i didnt get this kind of problem without the new responsive engine - is it a bug ? thanks !”


Sorry you’re experiencing an unexpected behavior. The general rule with the Bug category is as follow:

  1. If you’re not sure it’s a bug, and want confirmation from the community, please go ahead and post here
  2. If you’re 100% sure this is a bug, because you see a message ‘We’ve hit a temporary bug’ or if an action never ends, go straight to our Bug Report Form, it’s a better way to tell us about the issue so that w can fix it.

Sorry about the bug!

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Hey @Alter345

Yes. This is a bug. I have the same issue. Please report it to Bubble here :arrow_right: Bug Report | Bubble

I have been waiting two weeks for this bug to be fixed. Maybe if more users report it then they will take care of it soon.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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OK i’ll post :wink:

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I posted it, if you hear back from them, let me know :wink: i ll do the same ^^

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Sounds good. :blush:

Hey, my pop ups are not even showing up in my app after upgrading to new responsive engine :weary:

Hi there !
I received an email from support
they fixed the problem :slight_smile:

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Yeah. That happened to me too. Super annoying. Report the bug so hopefully they fix it soon. It took weeks for them to fix mine. :cry:

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