Not able to access attributes from a data type (not user)

I’m new to Bubble so apologies if this is an easy question or in the wrong category. Thank you in advance!

I’ve created a test page that has a user sign up form (email and password) and a checkbox to say whether or not you have already purchased masks. When the button is clicked it should sign the user up using the email and password and it should add the data about whether they have masks to an object/thing called “Smoke plan” - attaching it to the attribute “Masks” which has a yes/no data type.

When I fill out the form it does populate the data in the data tab of Bubble correctly. However, I also included an action after the button is clicked to show a piece of text that says “You need to buy masks” if Masks in “Smoke Plan” is equal to no. For some reason, it always shows that piece of text even when I check the box and in the data tab it says that Masks = yes.

This is a screen shot of the app (you can see it here):

Here are screenshots from the workflow page:

I appreciate any help! Thank you!

The flow needs help but assuming you’re just getting the feel of things, you skipped a big step - putting the newly created Smoke Plan into user.