Not boring loading (time)

All of us know when a new page has been loaded.

Some of them are quick, only takes a second, while other might take few up to several seconds. Then they differ with animations and design in general.

With that in mind, having an idea to make loading (time) more interesting for users, beyond animations.

What that would be?

Example, photos, videos, qoutes, etc., What are other ideas and how? Our application is digital business incubator. One are to showcase ad’s?

Fun facts about advertising


Just my two cents, but if you show me ads while I am waiting for stuff to load in your app, I would immediately start looking for an alternative to your platform Why? Because I wouldn’t trust that you are filling loading time, but instead you are intentionally making me wait so you can show me an ad. Yup, I’m paranoid like that.

As for how to fill the loading time, I have always gone with three approaches. First, never underestimate the power of a simple spinner. Users don’t necessarily want fancy crap… they just want to know the system is doing something. Second, show whatever data you can show immediately, and let the rest load as it does. Finally, I don’t necessarily mind when apps show me a quick tip about the app itself… a sort of “Did you know you can do this?” kind of thing.

Again, just my two cents there, so take it for what it’s worth.



I quite like Webflows jokey “kerning the fonts”, “loosening the popups” … etc as they are flashing by quickly. In Bubble though I would know that it is just more crap making the page load even more slowly.


This is great! Especially the last (learning-leaning) point!


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