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Not saving image data to databse

I’ve created an application form to allow users to fill out some text and upload 3 x photos.

1.Click ‘Apply’ button and popup shows
2. Fill in text and upload photos.
3. Click Send

After clicking send, the tables are being updated with text but the images are acting erratically. Sometimes it’s saving an image, sometimes none. I always try upload 3.

My workflow looks correct - create a new thing --> send confirmation email --> close popup

Ok it seems to only be uploading the 3rd image.

How do I get it to upload all 3?

Are those 3 different image fields in the Model Application type? They should be and you should label them uniquely so that when you create a new model application each upload goes to its own field.

It looks like you’re just overwriting the same field, so the 3rd upload is the only one that saves.

(You could also have 1 image field that is a list of images and you’d add each upload to the list.)

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This is just my inexperience talking. I worked it out, thanks.

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