Uploaded images found in file manager are not displaying in the database

Users are uploading images of an aircraft on a form which is then saved to the database as a list of images for the Type ‘aircraft’.

Whenever a user uploads 2 or more images something interesting happens. The images are uploaded and can be found in the Bubble File Manager and tiny thumbnail can be seen when viewing the database. But when you open the database row in edit mode the only thing found is a single blank image. If I delete the singe blank image then all the tiny thumbnail images from that upload disappear as well.

Perhaps you can capture the images unique ids on upload and look them up later

I just figured out my issue. I made a stupid mistake :open_mouth:

When saving to the database I was using ‘add’ instead of ‘add list’. I changed it to ‘add list’ and it’s all working now.


Been there done that :+1:

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Thank you

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