Image cannot be saved

Hi community,

Having a problem with image uploading.

It seems that when I upload a logo it does not save in to the database. But the other image is saved properly. Also, when I upload it shows that its uploaded, but once I refresh the page it disappears.

Any ideas?


Uploading and saving to the database are two separate things. Uploading simply transfers the file contents to your app’s Bubble storage (which uses Amazon S3 services behind the scenes).

If you wish to associate that file with a “Thing”, you must either:

  • Do so explicitly by using a workflow to save a reference to it in a field of that Thing - i.e. “Make changes to a thing” or “Create new thing” and set the file/image field to the uploaded file.    …OR…
  • Enable auto-binding on parent element’s thing, which you can see as an option in the properties editor. In that case, Bubble “auto-magically” saves a reference to it in your db.

It’s important to understand, however, that all uploaded files take up storage in your Bubble account whether or not there’s a reference to them in your db, and they remain there until/unless they’re explicitly deleted. You, as a Bubble dev, should manage those uploads if you wish to optimize your storage and stay within your quota.

Go to DataFile Manager and then click the Search button to see all the files currently taking up space in your account.

There’s lots of info on the forum about managing uploads. Just search for “orphaned files”.

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