Analytics Dashboard with API

Hey guys, I would like to ask a question. Is it possible, in Bubble, to create a tool that works as an Analytical Dashboard?

It would work as follows: I would like to use the Shopify APIs to search for specific data about the stores and then from that data set up a Dashboard with insights to show my client and then he can now download this report as pdf or csv for example . I would like to use Shopify’s endpoints to do this, I have already read the Shopify documentation and I know that it is possible through their API to pull the data I want, but I would like to know if in Bubble I can show this data in graphs and etc.

Remembering that my product will be a SaaS then, I would like each paying customer of mine to have access to their dashboard, with information and insights from their store.

Any advice is welcome. Cheers!

It is possible. In Bubble all the features you’ve mentioned can be implemented pretty easy.

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