Not work scroll to entry for repeating group with map

Using map current marker to scroll down, but up doesn’t respond at all.


Any chance we can see the layout of your page, just to give this some context? You’re doing a scroll to an element in a repeating group there. Do you also need to scroll to a position on the page?


Thank you for respnse. When I click on the lower hotel on the map like in this video, it scrolls normally, but when I click on the top hotel marker, it doesn’t respond.

Additionally, I found that scrolling up and down has a parameter called vertical offset, which determines the distance in pixels to scroll, presumably from 1500 to -1500, but the default is to scroll to where pressed. , is in the official document, but if this is 0, it seems that it only works according to that number. In fact, setting it to -1500 brings back up scrolling and, conversely, prevents down scrolling.

I see what you mean - clicking the top hotel marker does appear to select the correct row (I think the background turns grey as you’d expect?) but it just doesn’t scroll. Strange.

I assume the RG isn’t paginated.

I’d probably try some debug steps. I wonder if the scroll to action can’t find that item in the RG, for some reason. You could have a temp text box that shows the RG’s list of hotels and make sure it’s still there when it comes to clicking that marker.

If you continue to struggle and want me to take a look, feel free to share the app editor with me temporarily.

Hope you manage to fix it.


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