Scrolling to a specific item in a RG

Hi all, hi @J805 ,

I have a view in my app called Map which has a RG with a list of data types called InfoPoints in it below a map which shows the location of these InfoPoints. The map is sticky but the user can scroll up and down on the list of InfoPoints. As the user navigates through the points I would like them to be able to move to a different view and when they come back to the map view for it to be scrolled to the active InfoPoint in the RG ( I capture the active_info_point as a Custom Variable). However I don’t see how I can scroll to a specific element in a RG. Any thoughts, ideas, workarounds?

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Hey @2020travelapp :wave:

Cool. Looking good so far. :raised_hands:

So there is a workflow that can scroll to a cell in a repeating group. I can’t remember what it’s called, but when I get up in a bit, I can show you a screenshot. I will send it ASAP. :blush:

Found it, it’s called Scroll to Entry. Here is a screenshot:

Would this work for what you need?

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Hi @J805

That looks perfect but I couldn’t find it under plugins. I wonder did it change names or is it part of something else?


Try typing in scroll. I think it’s under elements or something like that. I don’t think it’s under plugins. :blush:

I tried that and there are a few that come up but none look especially likely candidates and none match the name you mentioned. I did a search on the forum too but not seen it there.

Any more hints?

Here it is, it’s under element actions:

Let me know if that works. :+1:

Fantastic, I was looking under element in plugins, I had totally misunderstood. It works great though I had to put quite a large negative offset in, not sure why but it seems to be behaving as I want.

Thanks a lot @J805 :slight_smile:


Cool! Glad you got it working. :blush: Not sure why the negative offset, but at least it works. :+1:

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