Note: 'App Search Tool... Uses field' doesn't search API

So you may think the field isn’t in use (which prompts you to delete it) but then later you find out that the API is indeed using it and now your happiness is coming to an end :slight_smile:


Could you provide a bit of clarity on what component wasn’t being picked up on in the search? (Ie. you had an API workflow that had a Step that was “Make changes to a thing”. And the field that wasn’t caught was one of the related field on the thing that was being changed).

Sorry, forgot to embed the screenshot. Done above.

Hmm, what happens when you search by the Quantity field? I’m wondering if the fact that it’s sandwiched between two things is what’s throwing it off. (Maybe Bubble’s search isn’t built to catch that in the API search?).

You’re right, that works. Interesting.