Be sure to refresh the editor before using the App Search Tool

I find time and time again that I’ll do a search in the App Search Tool and it will turn up 0 results, but if I refresh the editor and search again, it will show results.

This seems to especially happen if I haven’t refreshed the editor since yesterday, even if I haven’t made any changes that would impact the things I’m searching for.

The reason this is important is because in the past I’ve done the above search and then deleted things because I thought they weren’t being used, but then later I find out they were being used and it was really just the App Search Tool being a jerk.

Hope that helps someone :sunglasses:


And even after a refresh (and then a log out and back in), the search sometimes doesn’t find things…

…which means, we’re all f*#&ed :joy:

For the “Uses field,” are you sure that it captures if the field is used in a filter? As well, I’ve noticed that Bubble’s app search tool doesn’t pick up on a field from a filter. (Just validated that in one of my apps).

This may be an edge case that Bubble hadn’t planned for with the tool. Regardless, it’d make sense for it to be there. And worth making a feature request (er, bug report?)