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Confirm if any workflows/searches are referencing a field

I changed my database structure in an app. I no longer am using a specific field and I want to delete the field from the structure. I think I have removed every place that the app was referencing this field. Is there any way to check and confirm that I didn’t miss any spots? Bubble doesn’t seem to show an error when a field is deleted and it is still being used.

Hi @stephencharles :slight_smile: You can do this by clicking the search icon in the top right. Then it will bring up a menu where you can search for everything by “uses field”. For example, if you were to want to see everything which uses the Name field under the User Data Type, it would look like:

If you’ve already deleted the field, I’m not sure if this will show up. But you can temporarily restore the field, check to see if it exists anywhere, and then remove it from the database.