Note on Alphas and Betas for new features

Hi Bubble community,

You may have noticed that the Bubble team is beginning to use the nomenclature of “Alpha” and “Beta” more often. Here’s a quick explanation of what this means.

Note: all features are unique, so not every feature will follow this exact pattern! Also, we are still transitioning to this system


  • For new features that are mostly done, and we’d like help testing them out
  • Generally need to be ‘activated’ for a particular app, so we’ll post on the Forum seeking volunteers
  • (Dedicated users may not get access to an Alpha until a bit later, and will almost certainly need to upgrade their instances in order to have the Alpha activated)
  • May be rough around the edges, but we believe the most common user flow with the feature works
  • Should not pose risks to your app (if there are unusual caveats, we’ll let you know)
  • As part of the Alpha, we ask that you give the feature a try and let us know any feedback, especially any bugs! Please let us know via the private thread we’ll create with the Alpha testers


  • For new features that we believe are ‘done’, though given the creativity of the Bubble community, we expect people to uncover edge cases and bugs :slight_smile:
  • Generally new features will roll out with this label to communicate that they’re new and we’re paying closer attention to it in the short-term
  • Generally will be rolled out to all apps on the main cluster
  • Please feel free to provide feedback in the Forum announcement thread, but file bugs with [email protected] or the in-editor form as normal