Beta Testing Services?

Hi there,

Has anyone used a Beta Testing service to test their app ?

It is a little early for me to look at Product Hunt etc, but have seen some places you can post your app for testing (rather than looking for signups). Any recommendations?



I have not. However, we’ve used to test usability. We pay $1/minute for video recordings of people going through our site and following a script of actions to take. Quick and low friction way to get feedback, but hard to pick specific audience so probably only works well for audiences targeting broader audiences.

I’ve also heard there are a bunch of sites to get early adopters for Alpha type products (don’t know the names of the sites though). I think they’re free and have lots of people who want to try new tech. I’ve been told they’re good to use before you do something like Product Hunt, for which you’d probably want a more bug-free, well tested product.


Hopefully going on shortly, will report back.

Have integrated into bubble too. Easy to integrate the snippet and the visual feedback is great. Just need to sort a lower price point, their “startup” is 10 person team :sweat_smile:

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What about the bubble community? Or you need a larger (less ‘experienced’) dataset?

Yes, will do that as well.

Have a few Bubble things to share at same time like Croppie In a repeating group.

Actually very impressed with UserSnap - and the Trello Integration makes the workflow easy.

Hey! So I did use Beta List for Treefort a few months back. Overall, it def drove traffic and sign ups, however I think the bigger issue was engagement or quality of beta testers. Worth it I suppose, but would love to have been able to set perameters and maybe engage around expectations better for beta testers. Hope it’s helpful. For UT I use and send prototypes to them.

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Hey @NigelG – just seeing this. Hopefully it’s not too late to be helpful for your future projects. I built a Feedback Widget Plugin (like Usersnap) that you can add to your app for users to annotate the page directly by highlighting the item and typing – I posted about on the forum post here.

Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

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Hi @alex4

Will have a look at that for sure. Great work.

Currently with Userback … which is still expensive although not as expensive as Usersnap !

If this can post something to Trello … that would be amazing !


Yup, noted, @NigelG. I’ll have to check out Userback. Let me know if you have any more feedback. Cheers!

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