Notificação Offline com Condicional

Olá, alguém saberia de algum plugin que possibilite Bloquear toda e qualquer interação do usuario caso falte internet? tenho um plugin que Apenas notifica o Usuario que faltou a internet mas se tivesse como possibilitar ter uma variavel que acione o bloqueio de continuar usando o app seria top

Hi there, @francisco1… I haven’t tried what I am about to suggest, but a plugin like this one (I believe there is another free one that can do the same thing) exposes the connection state to conditionals. I am thinking you could have a workflow event running on page load that only runs when the connection state is no, and you could have an action in that workflow that directs the user to a “central” page with some messaging about their connection. So, essentially, you are blocking them from using your app by directing them away from content-related pages when they don’t have an internet connection.

Anyway, it couldn’t hurt to test the suggestion above, and I hope this helps.


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